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Recruiting: Calling All Fashion Writers!

19 Oct


Recruiting: Calling All Fashion Writers!

Recruiting: Calling All Fashion Writers!


Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your writing skills within the fashion, beauty and art industry? If you're looking to expand your current portfolio or gain more experience then we have the perfect opportunity for you! 

We are looking for someone to join our team, who have the ability to turn their dreams into reality. You must be available to write at least one article per week. You must be dedicated and passionate about the creative and media industry. You must be extremely reliable and have the ability to work towards tight deadlines. 

If you are interested, please send a copy of your CV and a written piece of written work (must be relevant to fashion, art or beauty) to If you have a blog already, make sure you include the URL. 


Successful writers will be contacted within 48 hours. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


For The Love of Breasts!

15 Oct


For The Love of Breasts!

For The Love of Breasts, Be Breast Aware


- Breasts -

Have we ever thought about how life would be like if there were no breasts, or the implications of a breastless society? Breasts are very important to all women, more so to men some may debate. It's importance transcends its usefulness in providing sexual pleasure and isn't biased by sexual orientation, as even gay men have enjoyed the benefits of breasts at some point in life. Breasts have fed almost all people, including gay men when they were infants. 
Breasts also put food on some tables. There is a money making fashion industry focused on providing products for the care and adornment of breasts. Also, the worldwide fascination with breasts as an object for sexual fantasies and satisfaction, makes industries that showcases breasts and sexuality very lucrative.
For most women, breasts are symbols of femininity, and much pride is taken in the size and shape of breasts. In some cases, breasts dictate the kind of dresses or jackets worn, and even the type of swim wear bought.
As important as breasts are to us, do we love them enough? Do we care for them enough? Do we examine or massage them enough? Breasts need love and care too.

- Breast Cancer -

We are in Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I want to help in creating as much awareness as possible. Breast cancer is real, but it can be overcome by early detection and appropriate care. There are no known causes of breast cancer. Breast cancer can affect both women and men, so it’s important to be breast aware. Being breast aware is one of the many ways we care for our body. What I mean by being breast aware is getting to know how your breasts look and feel so you know what is normal for you. Only then will you feel more confident about noticing any unusual changes and reporting it to your doctor.
Things to look out for concerning our breasts include:
  • A change in shape or size of breast
  • Liquid discharge from nipples
  • A lump that feels different from the rest of the breast tissue (an unusual lump)
  • Changes in position/shape of, or inverted (pulled in) nipples.
  • Rash or redness on skin surrounding nipples.
  • Swelling in armpit or around collarbone
  • Persistent pain in breast or armpit

- Sim's Advice -

  • Breast massaging is therapeutic and medically advised. It can help in early detection of signs of breast cancer.
  • Do not be afraid to touch your breasts. Examining or massaging your own breasts is not a sin. If you feel awkward doing it yourself, ask for help. 
  • Men have a part to play. Remind the women in your lives that their breasts need to be examined. Offer to help.
  • Women should be less-stressed than men, as we walk about with 2 God-given stress balls. Use them and be grateful for the advantage you have over men.
  • It helps to wear the right size of bra and be prepared to replace your bras several times a year. Always remember to get fitted for a bra after having a baby, losing or gaining weight, and following the menopause.
  • Read up on ways to care for your breasts. Also read articles on breast cancer.
  • Health is wealth, and knowledge is power, so get informed.
A healthy breast is a happy you!

A Tale of Missing Dresses

13 Oct


A Tale of Missing Dresses

A Tale of Missing Dresses (Lessons Learnt)

A couple of months ago I was contacted by one of the editors of a reputable Nigerian based fashion magazine requesting for a couple of Simeogieme dresses to be used for a themed photo shoot for the magazine. The magazine had used a couple of Simeogiemes dresses for an editorial in the past, so I was pleased and honoured to be contacted once again. 
Like before, the photoshoot was to take place in an European country, which meant having to send the dresses by post from the UK to the address I had sent previous dresses. I sent to the editor pictures of a few dresses which had just been made and didnt form part of any collection. The following dresses were chosen... 
I set off to the post office as soon as I could, handed the dresses in to be posted and sent an email to the editor at the magazine to confirm I had posted the dresses. At the post office, I was told it would take about 3 to 5 days for my parcel to get to its destination. That was good enough for me. 
A week later, I received an email from the editor informing me that the dresses were yet to arrive as expected. I was confused, especially as the photo shoot was to take place the next day. I was also in a state of panic as it dawned on me that I hadn't opted for recorded delivery or parcel tracking at the post office. I desperatly hoped and prayed that there was just a delay and the dresses would get to the editor on the morning of the next day. This was not the case.
In the end I missed out on the photo shoot, and also lost 2 dresses. I went back to the post office to make a complaint, but the manager said it was difficult to tell what had become of my parcel since I didnt request for tracking or recorded delivery. My mistake and burden to bear, it appeared. I never thought my parcel would ever get missing, as it had never happened to me before.
The lesson I have taken away from this experience is to ALWAYS pay to track every parcel or package sent by post or courier. Thankfully, there are many of these dresses left, and they are at The Fab Shop, 25 Oduduwa Way, GRA, Lagos, Nigeria.

Art image from

Simeogieme at The Fab Shop, Lagos

12 Oct


Simeogieme at The Fab Shop, Lagos

To all fashion enthusiasts and style gurus, Simeogieme is now available at The Fab Shop Lagos. Their address is 25 Oduduwa Way, off Isaac John Street GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. 

We stock with them a variety of bandage dresses as well as casual maxi dresses in most sizes. 
Visit The Fab Shop today and kindly contact us with your feedback on your shopping experience. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Sim’s Fashion Diary: Favourite Fashion Accessories This Week - 2

01 Apr


Sim’s Fashion Diary: Favourite Fashion Accessories This Week - 2


This week, my interest in exceptional fashion accessories led me to some very beautiful pieces. I particularly fell in love with this cuff.

Gold Plated Cuff (Pierre Hardy)

This is beautiful artwork, which invokes the image of a collection of 3 dimensional cubes manacled around the wrist. Also, as orange is one of my favourite colours, I find this simply beautiful!


This next accessory, I fell in love with at first sight, and absolutely knew that I wasn't walking out of the shop without it.

Lasso (KG Kurt Geiger)

Just because it's unique and quirky, this shoe stands out, and gives the lovers of quirky fashion and style something to experiment with. 


Sim’s Fashion Diary: Favourite Fashion Accessories This Week - 1

18 Mar


Sim’s Fashion Diary: Favourite Fashion Accessories This Week - 1


Fashion accessories are decorative items that supplement a garment and complement fashion, such as jewellery, gloves, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, hair accessories, canes, hand fans, swords, umbrellas, ties, boots and shoes, sunglasses, muffs, watches etc., and now that the whole world has gone “gadgets crazy”, also include phone, ipad and laptop cases/covers.

In this and subsequent posts, I will be sharing with you my favourite fashion accessories for the week by featuring two or more pieces that I absolutely love!


Tropic Swim Mini Snap Clutch (Urbanknit)

As a lover of African wax print, I love the combination of vibrant colours and the print design on the fabric of this clutch bag… especially the circular orange shape that brings up the image of the sun. This makes me think… “lunch with friends on a hot day, dressed in a plain white summer dress and our favourite clutch”. 


Dreamy Embossed Neoprene iPad Case (Marc By Marc Jacobs)

Again, I love it especially because of its colour. It is bold, bright and distinct. Adding a pop of colour to an otherwise conservative outfit worn to a meeting, it is a statement piece that gets you noticed anywhere and shows you are unafraid to be the centre of attention in a room.

Looking forward to sharing our favourites with you again next week.

Stay Fab! 

Cheeky Bohemian Sim Tees

15 May


Cheeky Bohemian Sim Tees

** To place orders email quoting ref number of product to be purchased. Limited quantities in stock!!!

Cheeky Bohemian Sim Tees is our "avant-garde" collection for the bold, laid back, care free or non-conformist woman. Each tee design is attributed an individuality and personality which the wearer can relate to, and consequently, personify.

The cheeky bohemian wears this to testify (in very few words) to a wild night out where she was "hit on" by either Johnny Depp or Jack Daniels.

The bold and carefree cheeky bohemian woman understands that a woman thrives in abundance and she can't comprehend the concept of lack! She's either a go-getter who believes in hardwork so she can pamper herself and those she cares about, or she's the pampered child or lover of a hardworking man. Either way, the universe responds to her beliefs!

With this tee, the cheeky bohemian's statement is simple... Back Off! 


Now the tees below by NO means aims to promote violence of any kind! In some societies, females with bodacious physical "assets" are said to have huge "guns". 

The bodacious and bold cheeky bohemian understands this, can relate to this and is willing to personify this. This concept was born and developed as a result of an interesting conversation I had with a VERY bodacious Nigerian woman. Nigerian women (and men) proudly embrace and appreciate the features of a "GE woman" (generously endowed). As a result, this tee has been named the "Naija Chic" tee.

As summer approaches, brighten up your wardrobe and spice up your look with one of our Cheeky Bohemian Tees... xx


Cheeky Sim

Who Should Wear What

02 Apr


Who Should Wear What

I once had a conversation with a middle-aged cab driver on my way home from a train station. He asked what I do, when I told him, he immediately started asking questions that I found quite amusing. He asked if it were possible to stop women from wearing leggings or skinny jeans. He wanted them banned! I asked why he was so anti-leggings, and gave him examples of famous women that have looked really hot wearing them. But he went on to narrate some of the fashion “faux pas” he had witnessed, notwithstanding his admittedly limited knowledge on the subject of fashion. He had clearly seen enough of what he considered the “abuse of fashion” and sights painful to his eyes. As a result, he failed to appreciate the fact that certain fashion trends are meant only for certain body types, suited to certain frames, but not all together bad.

The conversation I had with him led me to thinking that perhaps the codes which govern fashion should be communicated more frequently to the buying market, to prevent the kind of gaffes that had traumatized this poor cab driver.

Who should wear what???

For the purpose of this article, women have been classified into two broad groups based on their body type. I have called them “Wispily Endowed” (WE) and “Generously Endowed” (GE). smiley


What should a WE woman WEAR?

  • The WE woman needs to create curves where she wants them, so she can dare to wear very tight close cuts or longer, bigger cuts to make her look wider.
  • Can dare to wear any colour. If you want to look wider, wear neutral/light colours and play with contrast.
  • You can wear horizontal stripes if you're tall.
  • Thick fabric, soft and flexible knits suit you.
  • The balloon skirt doesnt suit everyone, but it looks good on a WE woman, whether tall or petite.
  • Jackets should stop just above the hips.

What should a WE woman AVOID?

  • Don't do spaghetti straps if your shoulders are too bony.
  • Vertical striped designs and patterns will make you look thinner than you are.
  • A-line skirts may make your legs look a little too thin, but a sexy pencil skirt will look brilliant!
  • Avoid really baggy trousers, this will just make you look like you have bulky hips.


What should a GE woman WEAR?

  • Should wear more dresses than they do trousers. 
  • Loose fitting clothes THAT FIT!
  • Good to wear fabrics with vertical lines.
  • The colour black can be very slimming. Wear black, but accessorize with bright coloured scarves, purses or shoes, to add some fun and style to your appearance.

What should a GE woman AVOID?

  • Should avoid trousers and favour calf length A-line skirts instead.
  • They should avoid full-length skirts which carry the broadness of the hips right down to the floor.
  • They should avoid wearing very tight clothes, so any excess weight won’t be so visible.
  • Avoid fabric patterns with horizontal lines.
  • Avoid wearing leggings or skinny jeans, BUT if you must, wear it with a top that covers your hips, and wear heels!


Most importantly, be well groomed! A GE woman, who smells of Chanel, carries herself with poise and elegance, with a discreet manicure, and always parading a glossy head of healthy glorious hair (home grown or purchased), will win out every time over a WE woman who may be a size 4 but looks like she needs a shower. Proper grooming makes you look and feel fabulous. Remember if you leave your house thinking you look fabulous, it’s almost certain that many others will think so too!

One major thing that’s acceptable for both a WE and GE woman to wear is a great personality. Never leave home without it. And as I always say, when getting dressed, be sure to keep your destination in mind!

Enjoy your easter holiday in style... xx

Spring Sim

To Master The Art Of Casual Chic, Do Not Fear Taking Fashion Risks

26 Mar


To Master The Art Of Casual Chic, Do Not Fear Taking Fashion Risks

The key to mastering the art of casual chic is to combine comfortable clothing with a hint of sophisticated flair. That flair may be demonstrated by your shoe choice, accessories, hair or even absolute confidence in your appearance. Confidence will be born out of your lack of fear to take fashion risks. 

One of the best parts about fashion is the ability to take risks! It's sensible to blend high-fashion trends with more low-key pieces to achieve a happy medium. 

Starting with the basics, you can spice things up with sexy accent pieces, which is the way to do it because people get a sense of who you are rather than letting your clothes speak for you. But when getting dressed, be sure to keep your destination in mind.

The last few seasons have proved that colour blocking (the mixing and matching of two VERY bold yet complimentary colours like navy blue and canary yellow) is fashionable and trendy. Mixing and matching unconventional colour combinations is an easy fashion risk to take this season. You'll create such a pretty femme shape when you tuck in your shirt, that's a chic risk to take too.

Whatever you do, be bold and adventurous with your style this summer... and work it with confidence!

Sim Style